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School management compartmentalized as a complete package

A production ready platform with stream processing, includes open source Apache components and Central management system

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DevOps - Quality is not a step in our workflow but part of what we do everday

About Us

AlphindTM Software Solutions was established in 2011. We are an up-surging IT enterprise solution provider for product engineering services and platforms. We specialize in seamless integration of software services, as well as technology and industrial management capacity to meet the needs arising from social transformation, new life styles for individuals and value creation for the ensuing society.

AlphindTM’s service offerings are solution based which includes application development and maintenance, groupware implementation and consulting, testing, performance engineering, software localization and globalization, and IT infrastructures.

Our specialty is to provide turn key solutions to small and mid-sized firms and specialized services to large corporations. Our customer services are used by thousands of end-users. We pride ourselves in providing Best In Class design, build, delivery and support for everything we do.

Ensure Business Continuity

The COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything we have experienced historically, in terms of the pace, the global implications, and the very personal and professional implications of every decision made.

We at AlphindTM, believe in the power of navigating COVID-19 pandemic together with our network and communities. People meeting physically is how the virus we’re fighting spreads, likewise, meeting virtually is one of the ways we will beat it. Beating it is not just about curbing the disease’s outbreak - it’s about taking care of our loved ones and peers, those in need, those on the front lines, our businesses and our economy.

In the spirit of sharing information that could be useful to others, here’s what we’re doing and our learnings on this path.

Daily Stand-Ups & Humanization

Our entire unit meets at 10am every day and personal stories are shared. Every stand up includes a check in on our employees and on each other, bringing a personalized and much needed human touch to all of us working remote.

Crisis Management Team

During the Chennai Floods of 2015 (India) and the 2018 Hurricane Florence (USA), our Crisis Management Team was well prepared to act and manage the situation of our offices as well as helping/supporting our clients. Our CMT includes a representative from HR, Infra IT and Operations. They’re trained and empowered to manage sudden crises.

As the virus started its expansion, our CMT was working to ensure safety and business continuity. We had a quick trial run to ensure our client’s platforms was working as needed and that we had secure channels to communicate through. As a result, Business continuity was ensured and there was minimal impact in our production.

Workforce Support

This is our top priority. As we’ve moved all our workforce to work from home, we’ve had to manage supporting employees who do not have the right environment to work remotely. Thankfully, since we had already faced similar situations, our CMTs were quickly able to work their magic and provide technical support to our workforce.

Whilst we expect to face more challenges and manage this quagmire, we like to believe that we will become a better unit - what we experience can only make us stronger.

That being said, we like to believe the right steps are being undertaken around the globe which will quickly stem the spread of disease, save lives and help those suffering economically find relief. We hope you and your loved ones are safe during this difficult situation.

Our Services

Application Development

  • Custom Development
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Maintenance
  • 24X7 Product support

Health Care

  • BH payer management for MCOs
  • Efficient billing through effective clinical solutions
  • Geriatric Care management solutions
  • Technology partner for lab equipment management

Testing Service

  • Test Consultancy
  • Test Execution
  • Automation Testing

BI & Analytics

  • Analytics
  • BI Solutions
  • Data Quality Management

ERP Upgrade & AMS

  • Migrate to latest version of Epicor ERP
  • QAD Services
  • Identify and eliminate upgrade blockers

Fullfillment Service

  • On-site support
  • Talent Agumentation
  • Deep domain consulting


  • Angular Dynasty
  • Typescript
  • Nodejs
  • Asp .Net MVC
  • Asp .Net Core
  • SQL Server
  • My SQL
  • Python
  • Mongo DB & Graph

Testing Tools

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Selenium
  • SilkTest
  • Testing Anywhere
  • SahiPro

Mobile Technologies

  • Android
  • Ios
  • Hybrid


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